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Five Commercial Property Maintenance Tips for Spring

Although exterior management is a year-round job, spring provides a great opportunity for commercial property owners to assess any damage caused by months of ice and snow, and encourage future growth. Add value to your investment and reduce premises liability risks with these five commercial property maintenance tips for spring:

1. Inspect property for damage

Once the thaw has begun, walk your property and look for any damage or possible hazards. The freeze/thaw cycle often causes various unsafe conditions such as broken or loose paving stones, sink holes, and debris. You should also keep an eye out for holes in window screens, cracks in the foundation, damaged siding, and missing roof shingles.

2. Clean up remaining debris

Promote a healthy landscape by removing debris such as leaves, sticks, twigs and trash. A clean property will also attract new tenants and visitors, as well as ensure ordinance compliance.

3. Prune overgrown plants, shrubs and trees

Pruning not only maintains an aesthetically pleasing shape, it encourages future growth and prevents hazards caused by encroachment on walkways. A good starting point for pruning any plant is to remove dead, diseased, or damaged stems as soon as you see them. Dead stems attract insects and invite diseases to develop. Also be sure to remove crossing branches, water sprouts (vigorous upright growing shoots that form on trunks or side branches), and suckers (vigorous shoots that develop near or from below ground).

For more information about pruning and how to avoid common mistakes, follow these simple guidelines.

4. Repair damaged hardscape and turf

Months of snow, ice and freezing temperatures can be harsh on your property. To ensure the safety and satisfaction of your visitors and tenants, make sure all parking lots, patios and pathways are cleaned and in good repair. You’ll also want to replace any damaged turf to prevent weeds and crab grass from taking over. For minor issues, loosen the soil, spread some grass seed and provide plenty of water. For large areas, consider hiring a professional landscape contractor to re-sod.

5. Test irrigation system

Soon after the last frost, check your irrigation system’s nozzles, sprinkler heads, valves and controller to ensure the system has no leaks or blockages, and is functioning properly.

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